Author: <span>Therese</span>

feast_blogAnother gloomy night with the rain pounding against the small windows up high on the wall and the temperatures dropping quickly towards raw and chilling outside and in.  I wish Sir would turn the heat up.  My nipples are full and hard from the cold and I know that means it won’t be long for his cruel little clamps to come out.  Hung upside down from the cellar ceiling and facing the wall with his infernal hoists and suspension straps with my wrists fastened tightly to my thighs, I feel like a piece of meat waiting to be carved for a banquet.  Oh, how I hope he devours me tonight. All because I suggested he take me out, treat me to a night on the town, show my off to the world.

And I wait…  until finally, I hear his footsteps on the stairs, coming down to pay attention to me at last!

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