Fucked hard

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, sink so deep inside you, you’ll never work me out from under your skin. Never.” — Samantha Young

While I am not into cheesy sex scenes or novels akin to a Barbara Cartland romance, I love this quote by Samantha Young.

I want to be fucked that hard,again. Hard enough that it stays with you, forever. It is difficult to get amazing sex out of your head. I know even in play, I seem to return to THAT man, in THAT moment in order to orgasm. Not always, but it is handy to have such a delightful memory that it becomes so visceral, in the moment, that you orgasm simply by remembering.

I don’t want a love affair. I don’t want intimate conversations about life. I just want to be fucked, when I feel like it. What is so wrong with that? I don’t want a commitment. I want someone to lick and suck my clit until I pass out in a euphoric orgasmic wave. Is that so much to ask for?