Being Restrained

cropping-daisy-01Cropping Daisy Ducati: It’s a good thing she’s in a stout iron restraint, because I get the impression Daisy Ducati would like to take that riding crop away from him and shove it up his ass. “Stop hitting my left nipple.” bondageblog

One of my favorite and yet more provocative sites of interest, BondageBlog, offered this tasty woman and her “restraint.” It got me thinking about the many ways of being retained and what each of the elements provide to both Doms and Subs alike.

Doms want, no demand, total control and submission. Still, struggling is a turn on as well. Subs, they want to be taken, used and restrained. Whats great about this type of restraint is that it allows for “struggling and resistance” without giving an inch. It is even more exciting and sexy for both D/s.

Personally, I prefer the same type of control, but in a softer, more pliable material. Nothing like being hogtied with leather – just enough room to squirm, but not enough give to allow for escape. In fact, leather will tighten with movement and heat.

I will say that I prefer a bit gag to a ball gag. I like the ability to breathe and still be gagged. Plus the bit allows for the horse or pony fantasies. Nothing like getting it from behind – hard and fast.