Passing time

blog pic behindHe walks in and kisses my neck, says good afternoon, then brushes my hair aside and kisses my shoulder. His hot breath is electrifying. Then he slips off the thin strap to my silk nightie, kissing my back, shoulder to shoulder. He slides his hand around my waist and pulls me close, biting my neck ever so gently. I melt into his body. He caresses my breast, slowly moving around the nipple.

He turns me around to face him and kisses me hard. I catch my breath. I gaze into those blue penetrating eyes. I cannot look away. He lifts me up onto the counter, kissing me again, pulling me to him. I slip off his t-shirt. We kiss again, this time slowly, longingly. He moves his hands over my nipples, pinching and turning each nipple until they are purple. Explosive.

His warm lips kiss the tops of my breast. I arch my back. I cannot resist. Then I feel him pull me onto him. It is so perfect. In that moment there is nothing but us, the movement, the syncing of our existence. I pull him tight. I grab him, digging my nails into his back, biting his neck the way he likes it. I tighten my thighs, wrapping my legs around his waist, pulling him in, tighter. I feel his body pulse with excitement.

He lifts me up; we fall to the floor. He turns me over. Exhale.