blog prayerI recently discovered that I may have been too uptight. Not that sex is the ONLY thing necessary in a relationship, but when that connection, that passion is missing, then the relationship becomes stagnant. There has to be a fire where the molecules break away from the skin and the mind explodes into particles that circle the very spirit. I cannot say that everyone has this electrifying moment during sex, but I do believe that total release from all that exists in the physical plane does allow for an exchange of souls – liquified and reconstructed.

I now realize that being vulnerable is not a bad thing. Feeling loved does not mean you are ‘in love.” And having a good friend as a lover is a truly great gift. You can go your entire life wearing rose-colored glasses as I have or you can cast away those limited lenses and seek out all the world has to offer. I always wanted it all and maybe now I might be able to get it – if only I learn to breathe.